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IDIS Cloud Manager

Manage all your sites in the Cloud

ㆍRemote management of individual facilities and branches
ㆍCheck the status of network access of branches and devices
ㆍIntuitive dashboard shows the numbers of branches and devices
ㆍRemote set-up of recorders and cameras
ㆍSearch up to 64-channels simultaneously via time lapse, event or text-in or simple time movement
ㆍQuickly back up or clip videos using the IDIS Player as save .avi files or screen print images
ㆍPowerful and flexible live monitoring on the move using a divided layout of up to 64-channels
ㆍAbility to drag and drop, silky-smooth PTZ controls including the Smart UX ‘Rubber Band’ function, remote fisheye dewarping, option to preset 10 types of layouts, and two-way audio
ㆍPush notification from all registered deviced to IDIS Mobile Client and access to the real-time situation by a simple touch on the push message.

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Type of DeploymentIDIS Cloud Platform
SearchingUp to 64 channels
IDIS Technologies includedSmartUX, fisheye dewarping, FEN
Supported DevicesIDIS network cameras and IDIS NVRs


IDIS Cloud Manager website
IDIS Cloud Manager Viewer (x64)
IDIS Cloud Manager Viewer (x86)
Operating Manual
Operating Mobile
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IDIS Cloud Manager diagram

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