IDIS offers the ultimate warranty – up to 7 years!

At IFSEC International 2017 in London IDIS presented, the new, highly competitive and ultimate warranty program. A clear statement of quality in a market where an average 3-year warranty is usual.

What is the IDIS Ultimate Warranty?

The IDIS Ultimate Warranty means a 5 year warranty on all products of the IDIS brand with an expansion capability of up to 7 years warranty on the DirectIP™ Base-Line and Premium-Line NVRs and Multi-Format DirectCX ™ DVRs (with the exception of the IDIS Compact Solution). (*)

Most organizations upgrade their system every 5 to 7 years. With the IDIS Ultimate Warranty, the system’s operation is thus guaranteed throughout the average life cycle. This shows once again that IDIS stands for leading quality and reliability!

(*) The warranty does not apply to the HDD, fan and power adapter of recorders and to the moving parts of the camera (pan / tilt motors, lens motors, irises), subject to a 3-year warranty period. The extension with 2 years additional warranty must be applied for and registered with IDIS within 1 month of delivery. The IDIS Ultimate Warranty does not apply to products that are not trademarks of IDIS, for which the manufacturer’s warranty of the relevant brand applies.