IDIS Solution Suite;
Modular and Scalable Next Generation Video Management

Find out about our latest releases and special feature additions that take IDIS solutions to another level.

Why IDIS Solution Suite?

IDIS Solution Suite supports 4K live and record at 30ips up to 1,024 channels.
Eenvoudig installerenEasy Installation
IDIS Solution Suite enables true plug-and-play installation with IDIS’s proprietary dynamic domain name service.
Based on IDIS’s proprietary multimedia file system, iBankDB, IDIS Solution Suite supports stable multi-channel video recording and outstanding searching performance.
IDIS Solution Suite features an intuitive GUI that lets you operate surveillance and analytics quickly and efficiently.
IDIS Solution Suite is infinitely scalable and futureproof, allowing users to adopt an unlimited number of services, add any number of devices, and manage and monitor an unrestricted number of sites from one unified solution.
IDIS Solution Suite

Simply designed and Engineered

For the Needs of End Users and System Integrators

Modular and Scalable Functions

LDAP/Active Directory

Simple database integration for advanced and efficient role management and multi-user access rights

Live popup actie
Action for Live Popup
Rapidly respond to situations by simply clicking or dragging live event popups to any monitor or pane.
Web Live/Control
Web Live / Control
Monitoring real-time video and access to essential functions from common web browsers.
Aangepast installatiepakket
Custom installation Package
Silent installation or one click installation for client application.
Health Monitoring Management
Review consolidated health monitoring of all connected devices and simply export to CSV files.
Recording Failover
Recording Failover with Seamless Playback
Prevent downtime with seamless handover to a failover server. Video is automatically transferred, and recording resumed on the original server as soon as it re-starts.
Gecentraliseerde Event audio
Centralized Event Audio
Use two-way audio or stream pre-recorded messages and alerts in the event of an incident from third-party monitoring services or control rooms.
Dynamische videowall
Dynamic Video Wall

Network Keyboard
Intuitive monitoring for comprehensive visual situational awareness including device and camera controls, designed and structured for up to 384 monitors.

Synchronized Playback

Time synchronized playback from multiple recorders or IP camera SD cards.

Opslag toegang
Direct Storage Access

Directly access HDDs or SD cards for playback and search.

Batch Import and Export

Simple import or export of registered device lists and configurations.

Event Rule en Action
Event Rule and Action

Configure a built-in rules engine to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures in the event of a threat or incident.

Virtual Machine Support

Create virtualized environments using VMware or Hyper-V to increase resource management and efficiency.

Instant Meta Filtering (IDLA)

Speed up investigations with metadata by searching vast amounts of video data by object (car, people, bike), and color.

Advanced Map Navigation

Intuitive map interface to playback video streams, track a person of interest or suspicious activity, and benefit from one click report generation.

Geavanceerde Map Tracking
Advanced Map Tracking

MapVue Search
Creating history of person tracking by Map in association with video playback. One click for tracking report generation.

Secure Data Transmission

A data transmission security system combining IDIS’s proprietary technology with TLS and FEN over public networks.

Two-way audio
Two-way Audio

Communication with any IP camera, recorder or IP cameras connected to recorders.

System Health monitoring
System Health Monitoring

Proactive device monitoring for uninterrupted operations.

IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA)

Compatible with IDLA services and intelligent video analytics, powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine.

Storage Optimization

Data bit rate analysis and device storage projection ensures an optimized recording environment, continuous availability, and protection features.

Dewarped Video Clip VR Mode

Create and export clips with dewarped and panoramic video in VR mode.

ANPR en Event popups
LPR/ANPR and Event Popups

Enable early action and faster investigations with live popups, playback, and search within live and recorded video footage.

Interactive Bandwidth Throttle

Control network bandwidth by automatically adjusting the resolution and frame rate of each device together with Dynamic Multi-stream Control.


Thumbnail Search
Quickly search moments of interest by dividing a selected time into equal time fragments and narrowing the interval.

Veilige data opname
Secure Data Recording

iBank, Chained Fingerprint
IDIS’s own database based on encrypted proprietary data structure, which is also embedded with IDIS Chained FingerPrint to ensure data integrity.

Short Cut Actions
Quick screenshot, instant playback, and event forwarding.
Aangepaste layouts
Customized Layouts
Create an unlimited number of individual user or customized group layouts.
Remote Desktop bediening
Remote Desktop Control
HDMI encoder and remote-control support function.
Lage bandbreedte
Low Bandwidth Communication
IDIS recorders are designed to support extremely low bandwidth conditions of less than 24KB.
Automatische Configuratie Backup
Automatic Configuration Backup
Configure automatic or scheduled backups.
Geavanceerde gebruikersbeheer
Advanced User Management
Comprehensive rules, settings, and control of user authority, and access management to ISS services including the mobile app.
Panic Recording

On Server and Clients
In the event of an emergency, operators and can trigger panic recording on servers or client PCs.

One-Click Network Connection (FEN)

Simply connect devices by userdefined name without the need for expert knowledge of routers or network configuration.

Beperk verspreiding COVID-19
Fighting the Spread of COVID-19

Intelligent Video Analytics
Intuitive and accurate, real-time and historical dashboards with essential analytics features to fight the spread of infection, retail intelligence, and workspace optimization (occupancy monitoring, social distancing, crowd control, mask detection) using the DV-2232/DIP NVR.

Smart Image Filter
Smart Image Filter & Self-Adjusting Video Mode
Advanced image processing for defogging, IDIS Lightmaster. and high boost filters. Video mode options by user preference including natural, vivid, de-noise, and custom settings.
Smart UX controls
Smart UX Controls

Speed up detection, verification, and investigations with Quick Dewarping, Quick PTZ, Quick Search, and Quick Save.

Netwerk alarm
Network Alarm (+HTTP)
Network Alarm Box extends its Alarm I/O interfaces. Configurable to trigger alarm with User Defined Alarm Protocol.
Phone and Body Worn Camera Support
Integrate Android smartphones and body worn cameras as well as two-way audio into your overarching solution.
Pane and Tab Browser
Built-in Chrome browser using panes or tabs enables access to any 3rd party application using the web client.
Map gecentraliseerde monitoring
Map Centered Monitoring
Visualize cameras, event detection alerts, and input and output device status using intuitive maps.
Data Backup compressie
Data Backup Compression

Recorders / Recording Services
Summary backups allow additional compression for when video data needs to be stored for longer retention periods.

Load Balancing
Dynamic Load Balancing for Video streams

Dynamic video stream management handles load balancing by checking of the status of the servers in real time.

User Log-in Notification
Trigger emails alerts when user’s login.
System Failover
Administration, monitoring, videowall, backup and federation failover for continuous access to video.
Centrale monitoring
Central Monitoring and Response
Centralized alarm and event management, acknowledgement, and escalation for enhanced visual awareness and rapid, coordinated responses to incidents.
ATM and PoS Text-in Support
Synchronize live video monitoring and recording with text overlay and event alerts from any ATM or point-of-sale (POS) terminal.
Smart Failover
Smart Failover
When IP cameras are disconnected, the camera’s SD card instantly begins recording and automatically transfers the data to ISS after recovery.
Person Matching
Person Matching

Pre/Post Processing Options
Powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, users can extract the characteristics of a person to search for persons of interest across single or multiple recorded video streams.

Federated Architecture
Links multiple individual systems into a federated site hierarchy giving client users the tools and capabilities they need to manage specific facilities, while administrators can centrally manage multiple sites.
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Consolidated dashboards for business intelligence (heatmaps, queue management,, people counting) when using VA-in-the Box.

Person Match Service

IDIS Person Match extracts the appearance characteristics of a selected person and rapidly searches through hours of footage for the most similar matches from single or multiple recorded video streams.

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Person Match infographic

IDIS Person Match, powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine (IDLA license required), can easily search for persons of interest with just a few clicks. Once a user has a video or to still image of a suspected perpetrator, Person Match quickly displays videos previews, clustering findings, and allows investigations to saved and exported at Excel files.

Benefits for your business

Person Match allows to quickly search vast amounts of video data to track persons of interest, reveal their behavior, movements over time, and last-known location, enabling rapid investigation of incidents or suspicious acivity.