True one-stop-shopping solutionInteroperability

IDIS is an international company in video surveillance solutions. IDIS designs, develops, manufactures and markets CCTV systems to the professional installer. We offer a wide range of surveillance cameras, recorders (NVRs), switches, monitors, VMS (software) and accessories. All products are fully compatible and future-proof.

High qualityHigh-Performance

The IDIS solution combines high performance with unmatched quality and reliability. Both our cameras and NVRs, in recent years, have been nominated by various independent highly reputable institutions (PSI Awards, Benchmark, Security & Fire Awards, etc.).

24/7 technical supportEasy-Installation

IDIS offers 24/7 technical support by phone. Our highly professional technical service is available for questions during office hours and support on location is available for problems that can not be resolved by phone.

Scalable, flexible, compatibleCompatibiliteit

IDIS meets both current and future requirements because the system can be scaled, easily extended or modified.

Easy installationConvenience

IDIS offers true plug-and-play (no configuration required). The installation of the camera and NVR is hassle free and fast. The system automatically searches for the devices and service connections. To do this, no complex IT network settings are required. The operation and installation is as easy as with an analog CCTV system!

Low user costsValue-for-money

IDIS does not work with software support agreements or automated system controls. You’re not necessarily fixed on expensive licenses or other fixed costs. Along with the reliability and longevity of our products, IDIS gives you a financially friendly business model.