IDIS mobile productline;
robust mobile NVRs and cameras for specific application in (public) transportsector

IDIS has developed a specific product line for video surveillance in public transport or the transport sector. This mobile product line offers robust mobile network video recorders (NVRs) and mobile cameras. The DR-6308PM and DR-6361PSM recorders are ideal for monitoring with HD image quality both in vehicles and on the outside. The technical specifications of the mobile cameras (DC-M1212W-2.9, DC-M1212W-3.3, DC-M1212R-2.9 and DC-M1212R-3.3) are perfect for use in the transport sector as well as the design, the compact size and power supply. The recorders are resistant to shocks and vibrations and guarantee reliable image quality in moving vehicles. Automatic data backup via WiFi enables easy integration in video systems that are managed centrally.

Dual streaming

With the dual streaming feature, images are processed in both high and standard resolution. As a result, during an incident investigation, images can be quickly retrieved in standard resolution and subsequently viewed in high resolution. The user can save camera images of certain incidents with the highest image quality for more details, along with other images from before or after the incident in the standard image quality. Dual streaming ensures optimal usage of the network.

Mobiele productlijn

Mobile NVRs

The mobile NVRs offer real-time recording performance, H.265 and H.264 hybrid codec support and 210 Mbps bandwidth for recording. Other features include a 3-axis accelerometer that detects emergency stop and start, an internal power supply and an isolated power block that protects internal circuits to prevent data loss due to power failures or voltage peaks.

The mobile NVRs can be delivered with the advanced IDIS Center (CMS) – a free, powerful, customizable management system that supports up to 1024 devices – or IDIS Solution Suite (VMS) at premium business level, with a modular design, a cost-effective licensing structure and without software maintenance agreements. There’s al lot of possibilities!