DirectIP™ is an optimised HD surveillance solution, based on an IP framework, consisting of IP cameras, NVRs, network equipment and client software as a complete package. Core strengths of DirectIP:

InteroperabilityTotal solution

DirectIP™ provides complete network surveillance solutions that meet the requirements of the user, from a single location to the more comprehensive multi-site locations.

True plug-and-playConvenience

The system automatically searches for the devices and service connections. To do this there are no complex IT network settings required. Immediately after installation, the system works!


No specific knowledge is required to use the system, therefor training costs are significantly lower.

Unrivalled performance High-Performance

DirectIP™ allows real-time monitoring and recording, without compromising image quality.

Value for moneyValue-for-money

DirectIP™ has no hidden costs. There are no additional licensing fees or annual update costs. Maintenance is simple and , that makes DirectIP™ cost effective.

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