IDIS is a strong brand, selling the best quality CCTV-products worldwide. IDIS provides the perfect solution for each security issu! Fast, easy and good. Our solutions meet the growing demand for flexible and cost-effective technologies for the security of people, property and buildings. IDIS products herein provide unmatched quality, performance and functionality!

IDIS offers two highly reliable and user-friendly plug-and-play CCTV systems:

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DirectIP™ is an optimised HD surveillance solution, based on an IP framework, consisting of IP cameras, NVRs, network equipment and client software as a complete package.

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IDIS DirectCX, the industry’s most advanced analog HD over coax solution. Based on High Definition Transfer Video Interface (HD-TVI) technology, IDIS incorporates its expertise in image processing to provide unrivaled HD recording performance at a lower cost.