IDIS FaceTracker;
One Platform for Detection, Identification, and Search

FaceTracker uses unique face authentication technology to accurately and quickly identify and detect people through video surveillance. FaceTracker empowers organizations as never before optimizing customer service, strengthening security, and reducing losses.

IDIS FaceTracker

IDIS FaceTracker acquires dozens of feature points from the brow, eyes, nose, and mouth, from digital media including still images and video, converting them into a numerical model. Using custom algorithms and high-speed processing, IDIS FaceTracker tracks and analyze faces in live or prerecorded video streams, authenticating them against stored faces with 95% accuracy.

  • Enroll faces quickly and easily
  • Recognize faces on-the-move
  • Identify multiple people simultaneously
  • Build on existing surveillance systems
  • Receive alerts and notifications in real time

System diagram

Systeemdiagram FaceTracker

IDIS FaceTracker DEMO

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Simple and Affordable Facial Recognition to Fit Your Business

  • Perfect for Small to Mid-sized Businesses
  • Leverage Existing Surveillance Investments
  • Industry Leading Accuracy and Speed
  • Lower Cost with No Maintenance Fees

IDIS FaceTracker provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for face enrollment and person-of-interest tracking. Simple and easy to install, it allows retail outlets, hotels, and leisure facilities to welcome VIP customers as well as prevent losses and detect crime, while for education and assisted healthcare facilities it significantly enhances the safety and welfare of students and patients.