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About Q-Park
Quality in parking

Q-Park stands for quality and a pleasant parking experience. Attention is paid to safety, speed and the comfort with which parking is possible. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in this.

There are more than 570,000 parking spaces spread over more than 3,000 car parks in European cities. At the time of publication, there are 45 Q-Park car parks in Belgium, which are equipped with IDIS camera surveillance products.

About Chubb Security Systems
Advises switching from analogue to sustainable digital CCTV system

Chubb Security Systems is Q-Park’s regular supplier in Belgium. This installer specializes in CCTV. Chubb provides, among other things, customized solutions for upgrading existing camera surveillance.

The CCTV system at the Q-Park car parks was still analog until a few years ago. The outdated system caused a lot of outages, so that some car parks were temporarily without video surveillance. Not a desirable situation. Replacing broken cameras with other analog cameras also turned out not to be a functional solution. Within 2 to 3 years these cameras also failed. It turned out to be an expensive, non-working alternative. Chubb Security Systems advised Q-Park to switch from analog to digital and to opt for quality brand IDIS.

The challenge
Upgrade CCTV Q-Park car parks

In close cooperation with IDIS Belgium, Chubb Security Systems set up a location to test the IDIS system. It was decided to implement IDIS Solution Suite in combination with a number of IDIS cameras. When contact is sought from the car park, it is very important that live remote monitoring can be done quickly and help can be offered.

The new VMS had to meet a number of requirements set by Q-Park:

  • Image display in real time (no delays)
  • View images remotely (both at a central location in Zaventem Belgium and at the control room in Maastricht the Netherlands)
  • Sharp image quality even in live view
  • Works well with third-party brand cameras
  • Future-proof and scalable system (sustainable long-term solution)
  • Good service from supplier, quick switching and providing solutions
  • User friendly

In Maastricht, the IDIS VMS had to communicate with the umbrella management system Flinq used by Q-Park, which is used for intercom reports, for example. In Maastricht, the images of all Q-Park car parks in Belgium are monitored outside office hours.

The solution 
Integration IDIS Solution Suite custom solution

The IDIS NVRs are connected to management system Flinq in the Netherlands. In Belgium, the images are viewed directly via IDIS Solution Suite. The IDIS recorder makes it possible to set the desired streaming so that it matches the available streaming options. In Belgium, the images are viewed via H.265 and in the Netherlands via H.264. IDIS offers a flexible, tailor-made solution.

The on-site test went smoothly. Based on this and the good experience of Chubb Security Systems, Q-Park opts for the quality of IDIS. A sustainable solution that will prove to be very cost-effective in the long run! Especially in combination with IDIS cameras, the new system works optimally, even in real time.

The car parks are monitored from the national central surveillance room in Zaventem during office hours. In Maastricht the Netherlands, all car parks in Europe can be observed 24/7. It is therefore no longer necessary for a parking attendant to be present at every location. This function is now deployed regionally, so that someone can always be on site quickly if necessary.

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IDIS partner
Chubb Security Systems

Q-Park Belgium is ready for the future

The implementation of IDIS Solution Suite is a scalable, flexible and future-proof solution with robust network security, options such as Failover, backup and redundancy and not unimportantly; low cost of ownership.

IDIS also offers very good service, often provides a solution within 5 working days and offers the ultimate guarantee; up to 7 years on the delivered products. Each Q-Park car park is equipped with up to 32 IDIS Full HD vandal-resistant IR dome IP cameras (number depending on the size of the car park) and a 16- or 32-channel Direct IP™ H.265 4K recorder from the 6000 series in combination with ISS VMS. There has been no complete failure since the implementation and if a camera breaks, IDIS provides a solution very quickly.

This offers the security and reliability that Q-Park was looking for and has found at IDIS! Q-Park Belgium is ready for the future with the implementation of IDIS.

It’s not the same. It’s IDIS.