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About IBKI
Examination and certification for the mobility industry

IBKI is specialized in developing and taking theoretical and practical exams in the mobility industry. IBKI guarantees that the exams refer to the daily practice. This ambitious company is constantly innovating and improving their examination services. Every year, over 50,000 candidates take exam at IBKI of which approximately are 25,000 theoretical exams.

As an examination institute, IBKI must comply with the statutory requirements and take accountability to the clients they are working for. For example, for taking WRM exams (driving instructor) and APK exams (car mechanic), they are accountable to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. IBKI is a trade name of the VAM foundation, which is better known in the mobility industry as Innovam’s knowledge and training institute.

Dennis Dubbers (Team Leader Execution Examinations), Lennart ter Beek (Project Leader Facilitation Management Innovam) and Arno Tollens (Project Coordinator Datacenters, Computer Spaces and Computer Networks Hoppenbrouwers Techniek) tell about the use of camera observation in the exam rooms.

Lennart, Dennis en Arno

About Hoppenbrouwers Techniek
Provides comprehensive sustainable solutions from expertise

Hoppenbrouwers Techniek has been the installing partner of Innovam for many years. The total electrical part of the property is taken care of by Hoppenbrouwers and for several years Hoppenbrouwers is also the permanent supplier of the mechanical engineering part.

Hoppenbrouwers exists over more than 100 years. It’s a very dynamic, fast growing and modern installing company, where about 700 professionals are at work every day.

The challange
Perfect execution of the exams

More and more news about fraud during exams was reason enough for Dennis Dubbers from IBKI to see how to prevent fraud the best way possible. Dennis tells:

“At IBKI, we do not want to wait and act from a passive position, thinking: this will not happen to us. We want to keep looking forward, innovate and be prepared. We at IBKI deliver quality and reliability!”

In addition to offering exams, fraud prevention during the exams is an essential part of the quality offered. What measures are needed to prevent fraud? Dennis Dubbers has been actively involved, has investigated and looked at solutions used by other parties. The assignment to project leader Lennart ter Beek was short but powerful:

“Do whatever is necessary to prevent fraud!”


End user

The Netherlands

IDIS partner
Hoppenbrouwers Techniek

The solution
Monitoring exam candidates through the use of camera observation

From Dennis’ experiences, a list of requirements was drawn up which critically examined the current layout of the theoretical examination rooms. Where was improvement possible? What were the bottlenecks for the supervisors? How can we provide a good overview? Is there an observation system that can be used by more than 100 different people a year? Is it allowed to place cameras?


Many questions that could eventually be summarized into an overview of requirements:

  • User-friendly and future-proof observation system
  • Optimal fraud prevention by redesigning the interior of the examination room

For the camera observation solution, Lennart ter Beek contacted Hoppenbrouwers Techniek. Hoppenbrouwers advised the IDIS camera observation system. IBKI was invited at the IDIS office for a live and comprehensive demonstration of the IDIS Total Solution.

Dennis tells:

“During the demonstration at IDIS, the user-friendliness of the system was striking. For IBKI very important because the system is used by more than 100 different people a year. The supervisors use the system and view the images live from the round desk in the exam room. Setting different authorities for different users is also very convenient and allows us to meet the legal requirements. The “stand-alone” operation of the system was also a huge plus. In addition, IDIS offered the perfect image quality and the best prices! IDIS offered all IBKI was looking for and more.”

The result
Optimal fraud prevention in a friendly environment

The custom examination rooms are fitted with new furniture, the projector has been replaced by multiple screens (one on each wall) for explanation by the supervisor and each exam desk is equipped with a camera. In addition, a 360 degree fisheye camera has been placed at the ceiling of the room for overall viewing.

From the round supervisor desk the overview is optimal. Each exam candidate can be monitored on a screen (16 images on 1 screen) and the fisheye camera provides a continuous overall view that can be used to zoom in at a certain point in the room while watching the live images.

The new exam rooms, despite the improvement of control, do feel a lot friendlier. It offers the candidates the perfect environment to do their exams. In addition, IBKI can maintain the desired quality and provide optimal fraud prevention. The new exam rooms meet IBKI’s wishes and the new concept will be launched in other exam rooms soon.

Dennis tells enthusiastically:

“We are extremely pleased with the system, it does work like expected. We’re really happy with that.”

Lennart ter Beek adds: “Cooperation with people like Arno Tollens from Hoppenbrouwers is also very nice. You never get a ‘no’ in response, we always get the best advice and are provided with a solution that works! ”

We asked Dennis what the new camera observation system has delivered up to now, his reaction was brief but vigorously: “Confidence”.

It’s not the same. It’s IDIS.