IDIS VA in the box (DV-1104)

IDIS VA in the Box is one of the most powerful tools available for making businesses more competitive, giving you access to the information needed to make the best decisions possible. The data generated by the People Counting, Queue Management, Heatmap and Analytic Reports functions gives you a chance to learn more about your customers, their behaviours and their needs and demands.

People Counting

Count, track, and analyse shoppers
Know exactly how many people come and go. You can find the difference between the estimated and actual floating population. The management and administration through People Counting is essential for places requiring high-level security, such as an airport. Expected number of visitors can be predicted by accumulated data and appropriate action can be made in advance.

Analytic Reports

Reports and graphs
Report with graphs and thumbnails by setting a time period. Periodical analysis for each feature is available through the VMS “VA report” tab. You can check hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data in detail by simply entering a date and time. The data from the People Counting, Queue Management, and Heatmap functions can be reviewed individually or collectively.


Visualise visitor footfall and behaviour
Highlight where people spend time and what they interact with. This is utilized to determine the best location where exposure needs to be maximized, such as new product zones or areas with sluggish sales. It can also be used to select the best locations for advertisements and promotional materials.

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Queue Management

Reduces customer wait times
Manage your lines and enhance customer satisfaction. Open and close the appropriate amount of counters necessary based on how many customers are in line. Operated by an alarm, this function allows employees to provide quick and accurate service to their waiting customers as well as an efficient internal shift-change system.