VVV-Venlo invests in safety

a spearhead in strategic battle plan ‘Same Nao Baove’

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About VVV-Venlo
Home base is iconic stadium ‘De Koel’, Venloos dialect for pit

The Limburg football club VVV-Venlo, which competes in the Keuken Kampioen Division, was founded in 1903. Its home base is Covebo Stadium – De Koel – which has existed for 50 years. Half a century down stairs, up stairs in one of the most iconic football stadiums in the Netherlands. The stadium is literally located in a pit on Kaldenkerkerweg, on top of the steep ridge in the east of Venlo. In 1977, the stadium once managed to accommodate 24,500 spectators during the match FC VVV – Ajax (2-2).

The old camera system did not function properly and no longer met the renewed license requirements of the KNVB to guarantee safety in the stadium. The municipality of Venlo and the police also set conditions for the new camera system in order to significantly increase security in and around stadium De Koel.

Hoofingang VVV-Venlo

About Energa
Assists as a professional partner for installation and maintenance

During the selection process, operational manager Jeroen Koopmans examined and weighed several camera systems. We also looked for a professional partner for installation & maintenance. The VVV-Venlo company, Energa from Venlo, who has been a loyal sponsor and in-house installer for more than 25 years, was selected for this. As a “friend in installation technology”, Energa consists of a team of 50 specialists in electrotechnical total technology for advising, designing, installing and maintaining electrotechnical and security installations in the utility, healthcare, education & government and transport & logistics sectors.

By listening carefully to the requirements and wishes of the parties involved, John Deenen of Energa and Theo Freericks of IDIS Nederland BV jointly designed a high-quality and extremely user-friendly IDIS video management system based on IDIS Solution Suite software.

The challenge
Fitting modern technology into an old building…

The primary function of the camera surveillance in the stadium is to monitor safety both around the stadium and in the stadium in the stands, with the ability to properly observe-assess-identify incidents.

The new camera system had to meet the following requirements:

  • Sharp image quality for recognizing and identifying people/situations
  • Real-time image display (no stuttering images and no delays)
  • Display on multiple screens
  • Images can be retrieved immediately for quick identification of persons/situations
  • User friendly
  • Future proof and expandable

The installation of the necessary fiber optic and power facilities to meet these functional requirements was quite a challenge in this environment, given the layout of the sites and the existing structures. But in the end this game was also won!


End user

The Netherlands

IDIS partner

The solution
Fitting modern technology into an old building!

In and around the stadium, 25 high-quality network cameras have been located at strategic locations, consisting of 10 fixed cameras and 15 controllable PTZ speed dome cameras. Linked via fiber optic connections to an IDIS video server with IDIS Solution Suite video management software, which meets all requirements.

In addition, the IDIS Solution Suite offers video management software on this:

  • Robust network security
  • Possibility interactive maps
  • Remote access (client stations, mobile devices)
  • Low cost of ownership (no recurring license fees)
  • Options such as Fail-over, backup and redundancy services
Spelerstunnel VVV-Venlo

In the ‘Radio Room’ (talk about iconic!) a rotating team of 6 people works with IDIS Solution Suite. The camera images are displayed grouped, spread over several monitors and operation is quick and easy using a keyboard with joystick and/or mouse. The security personnel only needed a short explanation, which shows how user-friendly the system is. Especially working (drag-and-drop) in combination with the interactive maps is experienced as very practical, according to a very enthusiastic and satisfied operational manager Jeroen Koopmans.


Security assurance

Since the new camera system was put into use, it has already delivered several results thanks to the clear and sharp images of the new IDIS camera system.

General Manager Marco Bogers is pleased that VVV-Venlo can increase security in De Koel with the new camera system:

“A safe stadium is one of the spearheads in our strategic battle plan ‘Same Nao Baove’. With this innovation we are taking a big step in the right direction in terms of safety, so we are very happy with that. These are significant investments for the club, but investments that have a direct impact and are valuable. In this way we can guarantee the safety of our visitors even better.”

It’s not the same. It’s IDIS.