IDIS Camera system is important component of guaranteeing security Stadshavens Medemblik

IDIS offers a platform for multi-standard infrastructure

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About Stadshavens Medemblik
More than 1000 years of harbor and full of ambition

Stadshavens Medemblik B.V. is a company that has grown by about 30% every year since 2015 (in number of passers-by). It offers visitors to Medemblik a welcoming reception and thus makes the city more visible on the map of the Netherlands. Stadshavens Medemblik operates 5 ports (Pekelharinghaven, Voorhaven, Middenhaven, Westerhaven and Overlekerkanaal) and is in control of two bridges (Kwikkelsbrug and Blauwe Brug) and the Westerhaven lock.

Stadshavens Medemblik has been under the leadership of Wijnand Baerken since 2015. Together with his team he creates the ultimate customer experience through perfect hospitality with a surprise element in the form of sincere attention and giving extra info.

To achieve the goals and ambitions, Stadshavens Medemblik had to update the camera security in the ports. The cameras that were there did not offer clear images for a long time and in case of rain or fog the visibility was even zero. Van der Laan was asked to assist in this unique port project.


About Van der Laan
The overall motivation is to provide good work and trust

Van der Laan from Zwaag is one of the larger technical companies in North Holland. The third generation is now managing this family business. Thinking along and taking an extra step has been ensuring satisfied and enthusiastic customers for more than 75 years. The activities of Van der Laan can be roughly divided into: process engineering (food / agro), utility (renovation / new construction) and security & communication. At Van der Laan the customer is most important and the installed technology has to work better than expected.

The challenge
Replacement of the old CCTV system with safety as the main objective

The first question asked at Van der Laan was about the improvement of the observation of the bridge / lock combination in Medemblik. A unique situation in which a bridge is located over the lock which is operated from the Port Office without a direct view of it. Creating a good view of the situation from the Port Office, on both road and water traffic, is of vital importance in this area for ensuring safety.

A brainstorming session followed about what was important, with safety at the top of the list closely followed by functional use (including controllable PTZ cameras). Van der Laan and IDIS made an inventory of the wishes and technical possibilities whereby, what started as the replacement of one camera, it became a complete and massive improvement.

The solution
Use of CCTV-system as part of business operations

Van der Laan drew up a complete observation plan in close cooperation with IDIS. The strategic locations were determined and provided with camera advice. Cameras were chosen on the use at the relevant location: viewing angles, control camera, weather influences, etc. Eventually, Van der Laan presented a complete renewal plan to Stadshavens Medemblik in which CCTV became an essential part of the total business operations.

With this improvement, functional use was put into practice, the port can be controlled from the camera images and vandalism can be reduced.

“It ultimately offers so much more than prevention”, says Wijnand Baerken, director of Stadshavens Medemblik.


Why choose IDIS?

The old system was analog-based. The existing cabling is (partly) used for the new system through the use of IP converters. A special feature of this project is that images are not only connected to the IDIS system by the existing cabling, but also using a wireless part and even through fiberglass. The IDIS platform offers the ultimate solution for a multi-standard infrastructure.

This made it possible to install the new CCTV system in a very efficient manner. There were no time-consuming license applications needed for the installation of additional cabling under the road, etc. Using the IDIS system even large distances can be bridged.

Dennis Selbach, account manager at Van der Laan Techniek tells:

IDIS offers a platform that meets the requirements and is the perfect solution to combine various systems. What makes the IDIS system extra safe is that all data is processed after the recorder, making it more difficult to hack into the system. In addition, IDIS always takes an extra step, just like Van der Laan, when it comes to thinking along with the customer and offering practical and efficient solutions that work!

An efficient, reliable, future-proof and scalable CCTV system

Wijnand Baerken concludes:


End user
Stadshavens Medemblik

The Netherlands

IDIS partner
Van der Laan

Cameras have been placed at all strategic locations, on the bridges, the lock, the ports and even at the entrance from the IJsselmeer. From the Harbor Office you can immediately see how big the boats are that are entering the port, check if and where there is mooring place and send the skippers directly to the right port.

The images are of very high quality and the operation of the cameras within the system works perfectly. What is also very useful is the IDIS Mobile app. When I receive a phone call in the evening or at night, I can immediately see what is going on and often immediately offer assistance or take action when necessary. The IDIS system makes it possible to observe in many ways. All systems are integrated within one system. In short: all wishes have been perfectly converted into technical possibilities.

Brug met camera

The Rede of Medemblik

Stadshavens Medemblik will continue to work on putting the city on the map. Behind the scenes many people are working on the plans for a cruise port behind the town hall. The growth of the ports will continue in the coming years, while the CCTV system will expand with it. Van der Laan and IDIS will certainly be involved again. Working together on the future of Medemblik: De Rede van Medemblik.