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About PostNL
A dynamic company in a changing market

The Dutch postal service ‘PostNL’ is a dynamic company. In a market that exists increasingly online, PostNL is growing, thanks to postal staff and parcel deliverers, into a provider of all-in-one solutions in the postal/parcel delivery industry.

PostNL offers its customers solutions that start with setting up online stores and end with delivering orders to the front door. PostNL even takes care of handling goods, storage and the entire administrative side.

The changing market led to, among other things, more and more expensive goods being sent by post. Security is therefore also an important issue for PostNL. Postal items must not disappear en route to their destination. At the same time, security costs need to be properly considered. At PostNL Security, a business case was drawn up containing clearly defined annual security costs, the amounts to be invested and any related returns to be achieved.

The challenge
Improving monitoring and saving costs on securitysecurity 

At first glance, the challenge for PostNL Security appeared to have contradictory objectives: reducing the costs of security while maintaining at least the same level of security, and improving the monitoring of all post sorting centres (6), parcel depots (18) and other sites. The solution previously consisted of bringing together the surveillance images of all sites at one central point: the Central Control Centre. Massive savings were made in the area of personnel costs by doing this; from two security guards at each site to two operators in the Central Control Centre. The next challenge was to create a platform on which all the different systems could be read, reports could come directly through and where images could be viewed.

The solution
One central site for a more efficient working method

PostNL Centrale Regiekamer

PostNL Centrale Regiekamer

The solution was found in monitoring the different sites from one Central Control Centre, which is staffed 24/7 by PostNL Security in the Hague. Beveco Gebouwautomatisering wrote the software for integrating the different systems. This software system, in combination with IDIS Solution Suite, makes the Central Control Centre the place where (inter)active and real-time responses are carried out to situations that arise. From opening the gates on site to responding to deviant behaviour. Everything can be viewed directly via the CCTV images in IDIS Solution Suite.

The choice of IDIS was actually a very obvious one. A large number of systems of this brand were already installed on site at PostNL.

“The brand is of high quality and is very reliable. There are recording devices that are 12/13 years old and which are still functioning well, even today. The combination of quality (few outages due to failed disks or malfunctions), sharp image quality of the new HD and IP cameras and a long lifespan makes IDIS the logical and reliable choice”

says Marc Kleiberg (Service and Operations Manager at PostNL Security).

The result
Reliable quality when it comes to the details!

A proper working ‘Central Control Centre’ where several sites are monitored 24/7 by two operators. Moreover, there is one functional manager for the systems and two staff members monitoring the images.

About 3,000 cameras from Divitec Groep (including IDIS and Xineron) can be viewed using the IDIS Solution Suite. The people using IDIS Solution Suite on a daily basis experience it as very user-friendly.

“The system does exactly what it is supposed to do! In our line of work, it often comes down to the details”

said one of the staff members monitoring the images. With its sharp image quality, especially with the new HD and IP IDIS cameras, the company investigator can adopt tactics to keep crime to a minimum. IDIS will certainly be chosen again in the future. The next project is already underway: substituting in phases all recording devices and cameras with IP and HD quality!

Postal/parcel delivery

End User
PostNL Security

The Netherlands

The IDIS story continues quote

IDIS offers quality even after years of intensive use. PostNL confirmed this, two years after publication of the above IDIS case.

Marc Kleiberg, SIM & SCR manager at PostNL, lets us know that he is still satisfied with the IDIS system: “it is our tool to do research”.