Louwman & Parqui BV completely switched to IDIS DirectIP™

automotive distributor Toyota and Lexus

About Louwman & Parqui
The Dutch automotive distributor of Japanese car brands Toyota and Lexus

Louwman & Parqui is located in Raamsdonksveer, on a site of about 30 hectares, along the A27. “De Koepel” is a striking landmark, designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller. This location is the office for marketing and sales of all Toyota and Lexus models in the Netherlands. The latest models of Toyota and Lexus are displayed in “de koepel”, the offices are situated around this showroom. Located next to the reception is museum Louwman’s Toyota World . On site there is a workshop for maintenance of classic cars, the Louwman College, the logistics center and the camels are a striking appearance between the car parks.

About Ooperon
Internal communication solutions, personal security

Ooperon supplies systems that are a mix of communication and personal security, mainly for the justice and healthcare sectors. Ooperon works with a situation scan to mapp the needs of an organization. Ooperon always acts as a partner in security. Ooperon delivers advice and the products are integrated into one system. This is convenient and cost effective! The strength of Ooperon is offering service that goes further. Like they did at Louwman & Parqui BV.

The challenge
Upgrading the existing CCTV system

In the summer of 2016 Rochus Schoorl, Manager Facility Management Louwman & Parqui BV, requested quotations and advice for replacing the current CCTV system from a number of parties in the market. The current system was not functioning properly and was outdated. There was limited backup-capacity, the image resolution was very bad and the ability to watch recorded videos was difficult and slow. Rochus Schoorl of Louwman & Parqui BV decide to find a system that is reliable and able to facilitate in those parts.

Binnen in de koepel

The solution
From expertise Ooperon a complete transition to IP is offered

Ooperon heard about the replacement of the complete CCTV system at Louwman & Parqui BV. The long-term relationship between the two companies, in which Ooperon is the main supplier of all access security at Louwman & Parqui BV, Ronald van Loon of Ooperon decided to contact Rochus Schoorl about the CCTV request. Providing an integrated camera system as expertise of Ooperon was an unknown fact to Louwman & Parqui BV.

The requirements of the new system were discussed. The main goal of the new system is monitoring and prevention. While other parties offered a combination of analog and IP, Ooperon gave the advice to make the full transition to IP now. Implementation in the existing infrastructure became possible by choosing the most future-proof system available; IDIS DirectIP™. Along with the technical consultant of IDIS the advice was finalised and Ooperon presented Louwman & Parqui BV a total solution in security. The choice for Ooperon as a security partner was therefore easily made.

The existing system was replaced and several additional cctv video points were added on the advice of Ooperon. Rochus Schoorl tells us that the system is very user-friendly. Certainly the 24/7 real-time viewing of the images by phone is ideal. The entire location is strategically equipped with cameras. In addition, license plate recognition has also been installed. From the reception desk the staff entrance can be viewed and if necessary the door can be opened. The images are of high quality and the interface is very user-friendly and simple.

Why choose IDIS?

“It’s nice that IDIS provides quick answers and technical knowledge. We believe that the time between quotation request and advice should be as short as possible and that the technical know-how adds extra value. IDIS for example, is a party that also visits the location to advise on the final choice of which cameras should be installed. With this extra service they can decide of what is available and what can best be best used”, says Ronald van Loon, Director of Ooperon.

The IDIS CCTV system is easy to use even for the installing party. IDIS is therefore a reliable, high quality, scalable and therefore future-proof choice.

A practical, reliable, future-proof and scalable CCTV system

Rochus Schoorl tells us he is very satisfied with IDIS total solution as offered by Ooperon. The integration into the existing infrastructure, the user-friendly interface, it’s easy to watch recorded video, the interactive elements such as license plate recognition and the high quality images makes the solution offered by Ooperon meet all requirements. And even more!

Rochus Schoorl says: “Certainly the mobile app has more than once proved its functionality. In the evening, I can just check whether the lights are out, is really quite convenient. At one time I saw that the main gate was still open, the guard immediately closed it. Of course, we also regularly check if everything is okay with ‘our ladies’, the camels on the site. I can always immediately take action with the IDIS app, it really functions !!! ” “Soon additional cameras will be installed at a number of places. No more “blind spots”.

The custom advice and the IDIS DirectIP™ total solution succesfully integrated seamlessly into our system meets with all our requirements and even more! We are very pleased with this system”, thus a very satisfied Rochus Schoorl.

Rochus Schoorl en Ronald van Loon


End user
Louwman & Parqui BV

The Netherlands

IDIS partner
Ooperon, Breda

Left: Ronald van Loon, managing director Ooperon
Right: Rochus Schoorl, manager Facility Management Louwman & Parqui BV