GLU is one of the safest schools in The Netherlands

by implementing IDIS video surveillance system and a clear security policy

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About Graphic Lyceum Utrecht
Media, design and communication

Graphic Lyceum Utrecht can be described as a creative and safe school. This combination is very important to GLU!

GLU is located at two locations in Utrecht. About 2,100 students attend school at GLU, the school offers education in the field of media, design and communication. We spoke with Sead Hafizovic, supervisor since 1998 and responsible for all safety and security issues within GLU.

About Trigion
Feel safe and be safe, that’s what it is all about

Sead Hafizovic (GLU) en Raymond van Schaik (Trigion)Trigion is the main supplier and installer of all security technology at GLU. Raymond van Schaik, account manager of Trigion, tells us that the services of the division ‘Fire and Security Technology’ are quite broad. Burglar alarms, access control, fire protection, video surveillance systems and everything that goes with it, is offered. The use of these techniques always need customization. Trigion acts as a partner in the advisory process, the work will be reviewed and checked on location, based on the findings an advice will be given on the most effective solution.

The challenge
Structural improvement safety & security

Since 1997 the main building of GLU has been located at the Vondellaan in Utrecht. The new building was equipped with five cameras and videotapes that had to be changed daily. Sead Hafizovic noticed immediately that these measures were not enough to guarantee safety. There should be better monitoring and a clear policy. From that moment on Sead made school safety a major concern for the management.

GLU security through the years
The continuous optimization of the observation system proves to be very effective

Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht entreeIn the period from 2000 to 2004 a number of burglaries occurred. The need to take action increased. Sead indicated that motion sensors had to be installed and that the camera system needed to be adjusted and extended. He asked advice from Trigion and the first 30 analog Divitec cameras were installed. This adjustment did prove to be very successful and effective. Because of the continuous expansion of the number of surveillance cameras in strategic locations, a clear policy was drafted in 2012/2013 for the use of the cameras and the legal use of the images.

The solution
Clear communication in combination with a flexible and reliable camera surveillance system

The observation policy is made clear during a lesson in the classroom. Sead explains the students’ rights and obligations and the importance of safety. Working according to the protocol and creating clarity proves to be very efficient. Although the school has a very open character, it feels very safe. Investing in the high-quality camera surveillance system from IDIS has proven to be very effective. On recommendation of Trigion the move from analog to digital was made in 2014. A couple of IDIS HD IP cameras were installed as a test next to the analog cameras. Both systems could be viewed easily through IDIS Center. The crisp picture quality of HD IP cameras and the easy installation have contributed to converting the system from analog to IP.

The result
Almost no more incidents

The main building at the Vondellaan is equipped with an IDIS video surveillance system with 70 cameras. The number of thefts, harassments, fights, burglaries and the use of drugs has been reduced to almost zero. A measurable result Sead is very proud of.

Even for the government GLU did not go unnoticed. In 2015 GLU was voted 3rd best school in a nationwide survey, in which GLU scored best of all in safety and security. In April 2015 King of The Netherlands Willem Alexander and Minister Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Education, Culture and Science) visited the school to see this with their own eyes.

Safety and security is a continuous process of improvement at GLU. The choice for IDIS and its quality and flexibility is therefore logical, very responsible and a good investment for the school. Implementing the IDIS video surveillance system combined with the policy, awareness, reporting that video surveillance is in place and bringing clarity and structure in the field of security ensures the safety of students and school staff.

GLU is therefore not only a creative but also a safe school!


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