Investment in IDIS total solution by DHZ Safti

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About Doe-Het-Zelf Safti
Largest DIY store in East Flanders

Safti has been a true family business for over 40 years. The company continued to grow, expanded and eventually the largest do-it-yourself store in East Flanders was created. With over 50,000 high-quality brand articles, both the professional and the ambitious do-it-yourselfer will find everything at DHZ Safti.

Since 2010, the granddaughter of the founder, Barbara Braeckman, and her husband Tom have been at the helm of this company. Rejuvenation of the board of directors also meant the start of innovations for Safti. The time had come for an upgrade of the entire electrical installation; improvement of the network, electrical system and camera security.

About bvba Vermeulen
Customer-oriented system integrator

Known from previous collaborations, bvba Vermeulen was called in, a professional system integrator. As a provider of total electrical solutions, Vermeulen is the perfect installer to carry out the upgrades at Safti. Based on the customer-oriented approach, advice is given about the work and chosen to deliver quality.

In the field of security, the wishes of Safti were mapped out by Peter Vermeulen (owner of BVBA Vermeulen). The choice to use IDIS for the new camera observation system at Safti was quickly made. Vermeulen is familiar with the quality of the products and the involvement and service that IDIS provides. Even after working hours!

The challenge
Lots of empty packaging in cluttered store

In the years that Safti grew into the company it is today, more and more cameras have been added in the field of camera security. The result is a camera observation system that does not work properly, with poor image quality, no good overview and therefore anything but functional.

It is very difficult to get a good overview in a DIY store with many corners, sides and shelving. Yet something had to change here, too many empty packaging was found in the store. The outbuildings, parking and ‘drive-in’ also had to be better visualized. Only a completely new camera observation system offered the solution here.


End user


IDIS partner
bvba Vermeulen

The solution
360 degree cameras provide a perfect overview

Vermeulen’s advice to opt for quality was followed by Safti. The situation was examined on site together with IDIS and a plan was drawn up about the products to be used. In a nutshell, the new system had to meet these requirements:

• Every spot in the store captured with a camera
• Good image quality
• Can view images later (save images)
• Provide an extra good picture of theft-sensitive locations
• Clear and user-friendly system for monitoring
• Remotely view images
• Vandalism resistant
• Scalable and future-proof

Camera informatiebord

During the site visit, IDIS also gave a demonstration. Products were shown that would offer a good solution for this specific project. The use of the 360° fisheye camera in this environment perfectly matches the wishes of Safti. The IDIS Super fisheye cameras provide a sharp all-over view. As a result, fewer cameras are needed to image many corners and sides, which saves costs.

In the end, a camera plan was made using:
– 20 fisheye cameras – in the store and outside in the parking lot
– 4 bullet cameras – on the outside area, the entrance and exit and ‘drive-in’
– 17 vandal-resistant 2MP dome cameras – at checkouts and entrances and exits

These cameras are connected to the powerhouse of IDIS; an IDIS DirectIP 64 channel 4K recorder which has undergone an upgrade so that it has a storage of 64 TB. This guarantees good and smooth processing of, for example, the images from the fisheye cameras. The Safti also offers the option of saving images for a longer period of time and viewing images remotely.

The camera observation system runs on IDIS Solution Suite; a user-friendly, safe and super reliable platform developed by IDIS. It shows the status of all registered devices at a glance, works quickly and is well-arranged.

Choice for quality and service

During the on-site demonstration of IDIS, it quickly became clear to Safti that the IDIS products offer quality; sharp camera images, the user-friendly monitoring system and the expansion options. This made Safti decide to choose IDIS.

After the installation, IDIS also gave a course to the staff with an explanation of the system. Taking this extra step makes IDIS the perfect collaboration partner for both bvba Vermeulen and Safti.

Camera parkeerplaats

An investment that has already paid for itself twice and straight

At Safti, the camera images are viewed on 2 large screens in the office. With 41 cameras now connected to the recorder, there is certainly room to expand the number of cameras in the future. There are even discussions about the possible addition of an ANPR system (license plate recognition) for the parking lot. This indicates that Safti is very satisfied with the IDIS total solution.

It was a major investment for Safti, but the system has already paid for itself within a year. Thieves are always caught and things are not stolen as a result. And that makes the IDIS system a valuable innovation for Safti.