A modern recycling center equipped with IDIS monitoring

About DAR
…and it’s fresh again!

DAR is a company with a very wide range of services in waste management and public space. Individuals, organizations, institutions and a large number of local governments use the services of DAR.

We visited the head office of DAR, located at Kanaalstraat in Nijmegen. The huge site, next to the main office, provides space for various warehouses in which waste is separated, material warehouses and an ultramodern recycling center.

Huisman Etech Experts was hired as electrical engineer for the new recycling center in Nijmegen. A party elected for proven reliability and thorough work. During the construction of the recycling center Huisman Etech Experts was responsible for all wiring in and around the new recycling center, placing the light poles and the installation of the CCTV system.

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Solution focused thinking

Huisman Etech Experts is an innovative total partner in electrical engineering. The family company engineers, installs and maintains, with 300 well-trained and committed employees, (electrical) systems in various sectors. Characteristic of the Huisman’s method is quality, flexibility and solution focused thinking.

The challenge
Automation and improvement monitoring

At the end of 2014 the new recycling center was completed. The fully automated, modern and well thought out waste place was operational. Residents of the city of Nijmegen can bring their garbage, the ‘DAR-waste-card’ gives them access to the site.

One of the advantages of the new automated recycling center is the huge cost savings achieved in the area of personnel. Where once a cashier, merchant, KCA (chemical waste) and supervisor must be present (13 employees scheduled, 8 continuous present) in the new situation this has been reduced to only 5 employees (no cashier, no acceptor).

DAR milieustraat

The challenge for this project was to get a clear view of the route taken by people at the recycling center, from arrival to (paid) leaving. With fewer people physically present at the site the chance people trying to outsmart the system (parking half on the weighbridge, etc.) increases.

Together with Huisman Etech Experts the requirements for the CCTV system were discussed. Most important was that the images of any given time, half day or day could be easily secured. Conventional systems could not live up to this demand, the solution was found in ISS; IDIS Solution Suite.

The solution
A userfrienldy & flexible system
DAR works from notifications. This means that images are viewed only when there is an alert. The DAR Management Team (MT) then decides whether these images should be looked at.

One of the most important system requirements was therefore to easily and quickly secure the images. A day or a part of a day from any given day or time, has to be stored, because one does not always know whether these images will be needed later. ISS was the only system that could fully meet all technical requirements.

IDIS and Huisman Etech Experts previously done a test to be sure the system could meet all technical specifications. Bas van der Zandt, project manager at Huisman Etech Experts says;

“It’s nice to work with IDIS, a company that delivers quality like Huisman and thinks in terms of solutions.”

DAR has already benefited greatly from the system

The entire process is now monitored by IDIS Full HD cameras (DirectIP ™):

  • capturing registration plate of the car on arrival (with separate camera)
  • checking fraud at the weighbridge (parking half on the bridge, people stepping out of the car, etc)
  • damaging materials while driving on the recycling center
  • people stealing instead of bringing their garbage (especially in the appliances department)
  • dangerous points where cars and trucks intersect

Henri Lemmers, senior assistant facility manager, works with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) most often. He tells us that they already greatly benefited from the system at DAR. He is particularly pleased with the quality of the images.

“There are still a couple of cameras from another well-known brand, but the quality is really not comparable. The ease and speed in which the system works is also great, “Henri says enthusiastically. “The bandwidth to stream the images via a separate connection and use of fiberglass ensure that this speed is constant and reliable,” complements Bas van der Zandt from Huisman Etech Experts.

When we ask Henri if he wants to add something to our story, he says,

“It just works like a charm!”


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