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Franchise store AH Veldhoven

With 227 franchised stores in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn is thé name for quality and affordable groceries. One of these stores is located in Veldhoven, in the middle of the busy city center and shopping area. From the early morning till the late  evening there is a constant movement of customers that come and go.

De uitdaging
Achieve the stated safety objectives.

Like many retailers wanted the entrepreneur using a cameraobservatie- and registration achieve its safety objectives in the areas of: limiting damage due to shoplifting, commitment to prevention, observing shopping behavior and routes.

The solution
The deployment of an IP camera userfriendly system.

The entrepreneur has specifically chosen the DirectIP™ product from IDIS. It is possible to achieve the objectives with the installation of a complete full HD IDIS DirectIP™ camera system. The quality of the images in both live monitoring and recorded is in full HD 1080P resolution. The images can be veiwed in real-time and thus are useful and effective. In full HD resolution there are many details which can be crucial in the recognition and thus detection of, for example, a shoplifter. 

Installation in numbers

  • 16x full HD IP camera’s
  • 1x 32channel NVR
  • 1x 19” spot-monitor
  • 2 x 42” multi-spot monitors
  • 1x cliënt PC with IDIS center (simultaniously viewing of  24 real-time images in multiscreen)
  • 1x 24-port DirectIP PoE switch

The result
A userfriendly system with high quality images.

The system has proven to be a reliable solution that offers a real-time performance at a high level with HD images. In addition to reducing crime, the system also clearly shows the routing within the store and its visitors. This information can be used to constantly  improve the customer experience. The reaction of the AH team in Veldhoven on this complete solution is very positive!

“The usability is excellent and the images are really OUTSTANDING”

thus, the content manager of the Albert Heijn.



End user
Albert Heijn Veldhoven


IDIS partner
Hollander Techniek