IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender;
Data and Power Transmission at Ranges Up to 500 Meters

The IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender is a long distance networking-specific solution that supports Ethernet connections up to 500 meters. This versatile connector empowers integrators and end users to establish networks beyond the limitations of common cables requiring repeater connections every 100 meters. By connecting a network video recorder (NVR) and camera with the IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender, users can now build a network without multiple separate repeater connections, enabling cost savings and simplifying network environments.

Benefits IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender 

Cover Greater Distances at Lower Costs
While camera networks using traditional cables require four repeaters to cover a 500 meter connection, the same network can now be established using only one IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender. As the network distance increases, cost efficiency increases dramatically when compared to basic Ethernet connectors.

100Mbps of Seamless Transmission
Even over a range of 500 meters, the IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender will maintain network speeds of 100Mbps.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
By simply connecting a receiver and transmitter at each end of an NVR and camera, users can create a seamless network environment. The IDIS Long Reach PoE Extender eliminates the need to install any network repeaters in the network infrastructure, resulting in significant maintenance cost savings and minimizing the risk of damage caused by any external forces.

Convenient Compatibility and Scalability
The power supply and output-integrated design of the IDIS Long Range PoE Extender makes it compatible with all NVR and camera connections. It also provides an optional separate power supply function for a more stable network environment.

Key features

• Up to 500 meters PoE transmission between devices using UTP cabling

• Up to 700 meters DATA transmission between equipment using UTP cabling

• Plug-and-play without any required PC settings

• Supports 1Gbps / IEEE802.3at for PoE Injector

• Supports 1Gbps / IEEE802.3at / 100 meters for PoE Repeater

Long Reach Data Rate vs Distance