IDIS Vendor Leasing Solutions;
Take immediate advantage of the benefits of a high-quality camera observation solution.

Starting in 2018 IDIS offers a new and unique service: IDIS Vendor Leasing Solutions. This service enables a high-quality camera observation solution directly without the disadvantages of a large investment.

IDIS Vendor Leasing Solutions

With this lease construction, IDIS offers its customers a very affordable solution. The installation of an IDIS camera observation is now accessible to everyone. The choice for the quality, by choosing IDIS can thus be made even faster.

IDIS Vendor Leasing Solutions is a form of financing. During the term, an agreed amount is paid each month to interest and repayment, or a monthly amount for the rent. The difference here is determined by the chosen lease form. The duration is adjusted to the economic life of the IDIS observation system: 5-7 years.

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With IDIS Vendor Leasing Solutions you do not have to pay the full amount for the camera observation solution you need directly. But you can benefit directly from the advantages that a high-quality observation solution from IDIS offers you.