IDIS Super Fisheye (360˚ dome camera), for a sharp overview!

Complete overview with only one camera? The IDIS Super Fisheye Camera provides a complete overall view. Within the product range of IDIS this camera can be easily added or processed as stand-alone security camera. The 5MP or 12MP Fisheye images can be shown to you in 1 or 6 sharp images. The many benefits of the IDIS Fisheye camera:

Cost savings on equipment and installation

Monitor a larger area with a single 360˚ camera
With the complete monitoring of one specific area with just one camera, considerable cost savings can be achieved. Reducing the number of cameras means fewer costs for both equipment and installation costs.

Dewarping sided solution

Dewarping through both camera and PC / mobile devices
The IDIS Fisheye camera dewarping function works on both the camera and the client applications (including mobile devices). This offers customers a wide choice of recording platforms and VMS options.

Identify key events

Provides an overview without losing details 
The IDIS fisheye camera can monitor and analyze up to 256 points of focus simultaneously without blind spots. Surveillance of suspicious situations and not miss out on important information.

Supports high quality close-up shots

Digital zoom and multi-panoramic image
The high resolution images of the IDIS Fisheye camera allows quick digital zoom in and out in parts of the image, without physical movement of the camera.

High definition images

Resolution 5 or 12 Megapixel
The IDIS Fisheye 5MP or 12MP camera delivers high resolution images. These images provide more detail and wider coverage than standard cameras.

Robust, vandal and weather resistant

IK10 / IP66 standards
Certified with the highest class in the vandal resistance, IDIS Fisheye camera delivers reliable surveillance even in the harshest conditions

Quick and easy to install

Easy installation with DirectIP™ NVR
In combination with IDIS DirectIP ™ NVR installation is true plug-and-play with automatic network discovery. Installation is therefore quick, easy and cost effective.

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