Snap Fitness 24/7 works out with IDIS DirectIP to secure safety athletes

using the user-friendly IDIS Center

million members

About Snap Fitness
24/7 gym with focus on safety, innovation, flexibility and convenience

Snap Fitness is the easy and affordable training alternative for traditional (large) gyms. Snap Fitness is a unique American concept, designed in 2003 by Peter Taunton.

The concept of Snap Fitness is based on the changing needs of the customers and the technological possibilities. With flexible contracts for the members, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, an interactive training app, virtual instructors, 24/7 secure access and the friendliness of a local club, Snap Fitness is a very successful franchise formula.

The Snap Fitness Centers in The Netherlands and Belgium are led by the experienced and passionate entrepreneurs: Han Walet and Theo Vermeeren. Started in March 2016, they now are managing 4 Snap Fitness sports centers from the headquarters in Breda, hoping that they will grow over the years.


About M2 Security
A leading security company with attention to good and prompt service

Recommendated by the interior designer, the owner of Snap Fitness contacted M2 Security. The question: “Can you come to Den Bosch tomorrow?” was answered by: “Yes of course!” This clearly reflects the no-nonsense working method of M2 Security. As an experienced security company and installer, M2 Security immediately knew how the Snap Fitness project had to be addressed.

“During the advisory process, M2 Security always chooses for good. Good advice, good products, good communication and good arrangements. Just because our work must be good. We always deliver good work, we do not like sloppy work. We listen to our customers and always provide them with the best solution”, thus Patrick Matthijssen (Managing Director of M2 Security).

M2 Security has installed the complete electrical installation at Snap Fitness in Breda, including the lighting and emergency lighting, the network and the intercom system.

The challenge
Ensure security to the members during both manned and unmanned hours

Snap Fitness is a compact, small-scale fitness center that is accessible to its members 24/7. Camera observation thus becomes an essential part of the overall concept, both during manned and unmanned hours.

Snap Fitness sought a security system that would perfectly match the 24/7 concept of this successful franchise formula. Important requirement for the system were easy access to the camera observation images, easily check the camera observation images made in the past and high quality of the images.

We spoke with Patrick Matthijssen (Managing Director of M2 Security, Eindhoven) and Marga Vermeeren (club manager Snap Fitness 24/7, Breda). On the advice of M2 Security was chosen for the quality and ease of use of the IDIS total solution. Marga states:

“Ensuring the safety of the members is very important. This can only be achieved with a reliable and user-friendly system!”

Interieur Snap Fitness Breda


The solution
Integration IDIS total solution with IDIS Center for monitoring

In order to meet all the requirements, M2 decided to choose the high quality and highly reliable brand: IDIS. With the use of strategically placed HD cameras, an 8 channel NVR and IDIS Center, the required security system could be created perfectly. The Snap Fitness access system for members was added to this to complete the security system.

The result
Security members guaranteed by reliable and user-friendly system!

Marga uses IDIS Center and its existing features very intensively. Every day she checks who had been present at the fitness center during the unmanned hours and if everyone was living up to the rules.

“The system is really user-friendly,” says Marga enthusiastically.

“The fitness center uses access passes. Before someone can enter the fitness center, one has to scan his or her pass 2 or 3 times. When inside the center members can pick up a keycord with ‘assistance button’ to immediately issue a quiet alarm in case of an emergency.

The security control room can check the live camera images and evaluate what is going on. Even an automatic voice connection can be established. Depending on the notification, a security officer is being sent or 112 will be called, the reporting room always follows the Snap Fitness protocol”.

Providing a safe and secure feeling, even during unmanned hours, is essential for Snap Fitness’s 24/7 success. The solution offered by M2 Security and the installation of IDIS products have led to the reliable security of both members and materials.


End user
Snap Fitness 24/7, Breda

The Netherlands

IDIS partner
M2 Security, Eindhoven