Security & privacy guests assured

by the installation of IDIS DirectIP™ as a complete solution

About Crowne Plaza® Hotel
Work. Connect. Succeed.

Crowne Plaza® Hotel Amsterdam is one of the 400 Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts which can be found worldwide. The hotels focus on one thing  only and they do it well: make the stay of its guests a success.

Crowne Plaza® Hotels offer high-quality accommodations, turnkey services and spaces and  you can get fast and fresh meals. The expert staff makes an effort to make the stay of the guests productive to ensure that they stay connected, have a good rest and recover.

The challenge
Implementing an effective IP system

The safety & security manager of Crowne Plaza® Hotel Amsterdam discussed the needs and requirements for the new security system with PBT Security & Telecom BV. The new system should provide crisp image quality, flexibility and user-friendliness.

The ultimate goal: the installation of a full HD camera observation- and registrationsystem providing details which are clearly visible so that the security and privacy of the guests is guaranteed.

The solution
Installation of a complete full HD camera system.

PBT Beveiliging & Telecom advised the reliable IDIS DirectIP™ system: a total solution, a full HD IP camera system. The unparalleled image quality in live monitoring as well as the recorded files were decisive for the choice. There is a clear choice for quality to ensure safety. A choice that fits perfectly with the quality of Crowne Plaza® Hotels.

Additionally IDIS DirectIP  is a very user-friendly and flexible system. The system takes part in the objective of Crowne Plaza® Hotel to its guests to garantee them a carefree and successful stay.

The result
The garanteed safety and privacy of the guests.

The complete installation of the IDIS DirectIP ™ system is done by professional PBT Beveiliging & Telecom BV. The advice of this flexible and user-friendly system has resulted in a high quality and complete solution.

The camera observation- and registration system is good, works fast and offers the most crisp picture quality. The primary objective of Crowne Plaza® Hotels to offer guests a safe stay and privacy is guaranteed with this.


End user
Crowne Plaza Hotel Amsterdam

The Netherlands

IDIS partner
PBT Beveiliging & Telecom BV