IDIS DirectCount;
Live occupancy monitoring

IDIS DirectCount is designed for accuracy and fast standalone implementation. It helps companies meet social distance and occupancy restrictions guidelines by counting people anonymously when entering and leaving the building. This ensures that customers, visitors and employees get the space they need and are kept as safe as possible.

IDIS DirectCount


  • Highly accurate live occupancy data
  • Visual warnings – with adjustable occupancy limits
  • Quick and easy to install solution yourself
  • Buildings of all sizes – with single, multiple and / or wide entrances and exits
  • Option to exclude personnel in counts

Clear visual warnings

IDIS DirectCount is suitable for buildings of all sizes and provides live occupancy data with visual alerts when limits are reached or exceeded. As a standalone solution, DirectCount can operate independently of existing IT networks and is designed for simple and fast installation. In addition, it offers an accuracy of up to 99%, even in bright sunlight and total darkness.

Realtime occupancy data has its value even after social distancing measures. For example, the data shows when it is busy or quiet, which rooms are occupied or available. This can be used to deploy the building and staff more efficiently.

DirectCount stappen

Step 1: Install above entrance/exit
Step 2: Configure count lines using software
Step 3: Count people accurately and anonymously

In addition, DirectCount protects the privacy and anonymity of people. Anonymous sensor technology does not require cameras or video to work properly. Advanced features can make utilization data even more accurate by excluding staff in the occupation.

DirectCount is quick and easy to install yourself. If desired, IDIS can advise in determining the position and number of sensors.

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